Sim and App Help

The Jammowatch required a Simcard that has data allowance and call allowance.
The watch works the same as a mobile phone so for it to work it will need credit.

How To Register


1. Download our app that we email you after purchase
2. Hit Register. Choose a Username.
Choose and Confirm password and enter email address
3. Input long Watch ID number we provide you by email
4. Enter Childs name and Date of Birth
5. Enter Watch mobile number and press Done
6.Thats it. Press locate and your online

How To insert Sim

Simply take off the back cover and insert any sim from the below providers

Use your own sim

The App

You can download our app by clicking either of the below links
Once your registered and watch is turned on you can start to customise and way you like

1. Add an image of your child
Click the image icon and add photo by taking picture or using your image library

2. How to add main screen phone numbers
To add main icon numbers on watch screen for SOS and Mum and Dad ,
Go to device setting and set the Family number.
Enter number for SOS.
Family number is for Dad image on watch and Mums image is family number 2.
Leave family number 3 empty for now as this will be a new panic button rotating feature

3. How to Add more numbers to phonebook
Simply go to Set phone book and add up to 25 numbers with their names
this way the child can scroll through phonebook on watch to see who they want to ring

4. How to locate child
As default the app will always open on map view
where you can switch between satelite and map view.
It updates every minute but to speed up this process you can press
Location and wait 30 seconds while watch picks up satelites

5. How do I send and hear voice messages
To send a voice message go to menu and click Intercom.

6. How to do I set a safety area
To set a safety area where you are alerted when child enters or leaves go to
Function and add area setting a perimeter and naming that zone e.g. home or school

7. How do i set up pedometer and step count
Go to function, device setting and turn on.
Now you can track your childs steps on the Step Count button

8. How do I sent a text message to childs watch
To send a simple text message up to 35 characters go to Function,
device setting and at the end Text Push and type your message.
Text will appear on watch immediatly

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