From €129
We set the watch up. You insert Sim . Watch works with all Networks

Big Features

2 Way Calling
Your watch can make and receive voice
calls from up to 25 Pre-set numbers
Push One button to make SOS calls
& Auto message your emergency
contacts simultaneously
GPS Location
See the watch location on
your smartphone in real time

Safe Zones
Create virtual outdoor boundaries
and receive alerts when the
boundaries are breached
Alert Notifications
Receive SOS, Low Battery
and SafeZone Alert
messages through our App
Safety Monitoring
Listen in silent mode
in the event of an accident
or if you are concerned

Parental Control
You control who can call the watch
and who the watch can call
easily though our App
Splash Proof
Your watch can be worn all the time
even when washing your hands *
* Charging port must be closed properly
SIM Included *
Ready to go straight out of the box.
Fully Set Up *
* Monthly Subscription Requied


JAMMO is colourful, fun to use and comfortable to wear for kids and its even got a rewards system for activity like a pedometer to reward fitness. But lets face it when my son saw the JAMMO for the first time he just thought it was cool and wanted to show it off. JAMMO is an end to end communication device with a stand alone app for parents to keep track of their children via GPS but more importantly its also a phone. So I can ring and he can ring whenever he wants by literally just pressing down on a button.. Wether its for me to read him a story on my night off or to say "Im on the way to pick you up, get ready".JAMMO kids watch allows you to make and receive calls, you can also monitor the sound around JAMMO whenever required.

Fun for Kids, Essential for Parents.

Jammowatch's main Features are: GPS , Phone calls, SOS button, Monitoring ( our sneaky adult evesdropping) Historical route trapping. Alerts when they leave a safety fence area, Alerts when they drop the watch. Over 25 numbers allowewd to ring watch and watch can ring over 25 numbers. Each watch has their own unique app.
The Jammo GPS watch is the world's coolest real-time GPS location device created specifically for children age 3 and up. Parents can know their children whereabouts anytime, anywhere. With historical locations, parents can track where their children have been throughout the day, reassuring that they haven't visited any unsafe places.
"Never lose sight of your child. With JAMMO your child can call you from the press of a button " Jammowatch has an amazing touch screen that allows the watch ring and send voice messages by pressing a button on the screen and you can even send the watch text messages The watch has a phonebook section where the child can scroll through and find who they want to ring just as long as the parents have approved and set up the number on the app.


Jammowatch has its own stop watch, alarm, call history and the ability to have its firewall turned off so anyone can ring it.. This is only allowed with parents approval via the app.. Basically its like a modern day phone but with all protection a parent could want. Children can customize the look and feel of the watch. Its even got a calander and schedule.


Locate your child anytime, anywhere

Receive locations and alerts

Range of services in case of emergency

Location sharing app for the entire family

A Lot of Value in a Little Device

The Jammo GPS watch 100% custom-made for children. Our engineers miniaturized components to make the watch fit children's wrists. In fact, the Jammo watch is half the size of any other wearable tracking products in the market today. It comes in 3 colours Pink , Blue and Orange all colorful water resistant designs that kids love.
" You don't need a mobile phone to keep in touch with your kids, you just need JAMMO"

The Jammo watch has many features that help keep your children safe, including Safe Zone alert, Panic alert, Tamper alert, Low Battery notification, Real-Time tracking in case of emergency. In the Safe Zone you can set up ro 10 specific areas that you can set to alert you when they come in and out of like home, school or a friends house
“ Jamie has arrived home”
“ Jamie has left school”
“ Jamie has left Joe’s house"

The Jammo watch also has a great inbuilt voice messaging service that allows parents via the app to leave 10 second voice messages for the child to hear on the watch and the child can also reply with their own voice message
" Want to leave your child a voice message , you can with JAMMO”.
“ Heh dad dont forget to get pancakes "
“ Im running a bit late stay put and ill be there as fast as I can”

The Jammo watch has a great new feature no other kids watch has and thats a text messaging service. In your app you can type text messages that immediatly show up on the childs watch " Want to send your child text messages, you can with JAMMO”. “ Ring me”
“Where is your tennis racquet”

The First Location Service for the Entire Family

The Jammo watch works in sync with the Jammo Family location app. On the app you can do the following
1. Call directly the watch
2. Send the watch voice messages and hear replies
3. Send the watch text messages via the app
4. Track your childs calorie and step count using our pedometer
5. Find childs realtime location in map view and satelite view]
6. Track childs previous movements over lasy 30 days
7. You can add up to 5 other watches to the same app
8. You can add up to 25 numbers that can ring the watch and the watch can ring
9. You can add pictures and age and profile of child
10. You can set up to 5 safety areas where you are alerted if child enters or leaves
11. You can invite other family members to download the app with your permission
12. You can set alarms for the watch
13. You can set a class or activity schedule that child can see on the watch
14. You can set a step count target that child can see on watch as it decreases
15. You can set a remote monitoring number so that watch rings you silently and you can listen to background.


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