Our Story

My name is Ben Keohane and I'm the Founder of JAMMO. As a single dad with a very adventurous 5 year old I know how important peace of mind is. Over the years I've had near heart failure in places like Fitzgerald park and Trabolgan in Cork when my son decides he wants to go on a solo adventure. As a parent I'm sure we all have been in the same boat ( even if we dont admit it ). So to solve the issue of my son running off in a split second I came up with the Idea of JAMMO ( proudly named after my son ) . If it ever happens again I can track him to within 10 metres via the JAMMO App, I can call him or he can call me by the touch of a button. No more finding your child in tears in the shopping centre or at the park.

JAMMO is an end to end communication device with a stand alone app for parents to keep track of their children via GPS but more importantly its also a phone. So I can ring and he can ring whenever he wants by literally just pressing down on a button.. Wether its for me to read him a story on my night off or to say "Im on the way to pick you up, get ready"

JAMMO is colourful, fun to use and comfortable to wear for kids and its even got a rewards system for activity like a pedometer to reward fitness. But lets face it when my son saw the JAMMO for the first time he just thought it was cool and wanted to show it off. For me its a way to keep in touch on the days I dont have him and also a new business WIN WIN.

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